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Posted on: October 22, 2008 4:57 pm


Hey Bills fans!

What grade would you give for the team at this point of the season, and why?

Keep in mind this grade can be updated if you like, as the season progresses.  You could give an A one week, then an A- if the team takes a dive suddenly.  Hope I didn't jinx us...

I'd say at this point, an A- .  They obviously are looking great at first place in the AFC East, but if the running game were more productive and Hardy was able to contribute more, then we would be even better.  Plus, the run defense suffered a bit at times this year, and the D suffered in all phases vs. the Cardinals.  But other than that we have been terrific.

Trent Edwards is far and away the team's MVP.  One of the greater third-round QBs in recent memory.

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